Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review: Should You Buy WiFi Flash Drive?

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options at a price of Rs 2,790, Rs 3,790, Rs 5,490, and Rs 9,490 respectively.

The device supports both iOS and Android operating systems and connects wirelessly through SanDisk Connect Drive app. 

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is your personal cloud storage, which also works like a normal USB flash drive. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Best Budget Smartwatch - Noise GT08 Review!

This particular one is Noise GT08 Smart Watch and this video will help you to make the decision to buy this or not! 

  • Operating System : Android 4.3
  • Dial Shape : Square
  • Strap Color : Black 
  • Water Resistant : No
  • Strap Material : Rubber

  • Display Size : 1.54 inch
  • Display Type : Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Display Resolution : 240*240 Pixel
Connectivity Features
  • Bluetooth : v3.0
  • Call Function : Available
  • Messaging Support : Available
  • Height : 39 mm
  • Width : 11 mm
  • Thickness : 11.8 mm

Saturday, November 26, 2016


This is the best of the x8 platform and the price is reasonable.

With altitude hold, it is so much easier to fly for beginners and experienced flyers. Altitude hold is great for taking your eyes off the quad while a distraction occurs, and this quad does just that. Same platform as all the other x8 series but with altitude hold.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SYMA X12 Nano Explorers 2.4GHz, 4Ch, 6 Axis Gyro, RC Quadcopter (RTF)

Description :

  • Brand Name : SYMA
  • Item NO. : SYMA X12
  • Color : Red, black, white, green
  • Frequency : 2.4G
  • Control Channel : 4CH
  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Charging Mode : USB
  • Charging Time : About 30 mins
  • Flaying Time : Around 5 mins
  • Control Distance : More than 20m indoor
  • Battery For Quadcopter : 3.7V 100mAh LI-PO(inside the quadcopter)
  • Battery for transmitter : 4 x AAA battery(not included)
  • Product Size : 7*7*2.7cm
  • Package Size :16.5*11.5*10.5cm
  • Weight : 280g (with package and transmitter)
  • Age Range : 14+
Features :
  • Four-axis structure is applied, which makes the quad copter more flexible and rapid when flying.
  • It has the characteristics of wind-resistant and can be flied indoor or outdoor.
  • Built-in 6 axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky.
  • Modular design structure is applied,more simple for assembly and convenient for maintenance.
  • With 360 degree 3D eversion function and throwing flight function.
Package Included :
  • 1 x SYMA X12 6 axis RC quadcopter
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 4 x Spare Blade
  • 1 x Manual

Syma x12 Review and Indoor Flight

Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Flight Review of Syma X12 Nano 6-axis Gyro Remote Control Quadcopter

Syma X12 Nano 6-Axis Gyro Remote Control Quadcopter Unboxing, Review, an...

Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Flight Review of Syma X12 Nano 6-axis Gyro Remote Control Quadcopter

Positive Points
  • Beg‌inner friendly Nano drone
  • Very durable and flies great crash after crash
  • High rates and low rates allow you to grow as you learn
  • Hovers better than my Cheerson CX-10, Cheerson CX-10A, or my Proto X
  • Longer battery life than other nano quads (6-8 minutes)
  • Yaw and throttle trim
  • Too small for FPV
  • The yaw is way slower than is ideal for this quad
  • The charge plug comes out easier than it should while charging
This is a great little RC Helicopter, just like the Cheerson Quads and the Estes Proto-X. The Syma X12 Quadcopter's durability makes it a great little RC Quad trainer in addition to everything else mentioned.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Syma X5C-1 Drone, Your Mother Could Fly This!

The upgraded Syma X5C-1 quadcopter is so stable that your mother could fly it! It's the perfect first quadcopter for beginners. It's also fun for advanced flyers.

Syma - X5C Explorers - Review and Flight (Indoors and Outdoors)

This quad can take multiple forms, in a way. It has optional prop guards, landing legs, and camera. If you fly with all the accessories, it can get a bit unstable in fast flying, but works well for aerial videography and prop protection. If you trim it down to its lightest form, with no prop guards, landing feet, or camera, it can fly "sporty" quite well, and even do flips. Overall this is a good stable quad, but you have to make sure to fly it in the proper manner for the attachments you have on it.

Syma X5SW Quadcopter with WIFI FPV Camera

This is Syma X5SW Quadcopter with WIFI FPV Camera. It’s the same old Syma X5C Quadcopter but this time it is equipped with a WIFI Enabled camera that sends live video, and still shots directly to your smartphone via a live WIFI link. Now you can view the video coming from Syma X5SW on your Smartphone, Android or iPhone and take pictures and record videos with just one click on respective icons. All pictures and videos are stored directly on your Android or iPhone. It’s a very light weight quadcopter, so flying it outdoors, if there are winds, this quadcopter is not going to fly well. This quadcopter needs calm days to fly outdoors, else you better stay indoors with this quad.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

Broadcast Studio Microphone Suspension Arm Stand For My Blue Snowball Mic

This Broadcast Studio Microphone Suspension Arm Stand is a very inexpensive mic stand sold on ebay for $13. The clamp is not usable as is but can be screwed into something. We have also tightened the bolts to make the arm more ridged which has also improved it a lot.

Blue Yeti microphone + Radius 2 shock mount + Rode PSA1 boom arm: unboxi...

The best Blue Yeti setup using the Yeti with a Radius shock mount, Rode Boom Arm and a Pop Filter. Blue Yeti tips and tricks. Checkout gadget with timeframe :

00:35 Blue Yeti USB condenser microphone
01:12 Speak closer on Cardioid mode for good sound, low noise
02:32 Radius II shock mount from Blue
03:30 Røde PSA1 swivel studio boom arm
04:36 generic Anti Pop Filter and "The Pop" from Blue
05:08 connecting Blue Yeti to iPhone and iPad (USB Camera Adapter)
06:01 better microphone options for iOS devices

This is unboxing and review of the audio setup use to record voice in videos. If you are a YouTuber, game commentator, podcaster, have a home-studio for audio recording… This guide is for you.

Connecting to iPad and iPhone is also possible - but not as simple as it is to connect the Yeti directly into a Mac or PC's USB. To use the Yeti microphone with an iOS device you need an Apple's USB Camera Adapter (or the 30-pin "Camera Connection Kit") and a powered USB Hub, and you are ready to record sound with Garageband or any other App.

About the Radius Shock Mount:

The old Radius falling problem is fixed! Blue rebranded it as "Radius II". The new model comes with a different thumb-screw mechanism with teeth (cog). Now it stays put just perfect :)

"C-Threep" compared recordings 'with' and 'without' the Radius shock mount, and how much it really isolates the Yeti from vibrations. He also suggests a nice fix for the 'sliding-down' problem on the old model.
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