Friday, June 16, 2017

Vuzix M300

Much like Google Glass, the M300 allows its users hands-free data access and capture.

Running on a dual-core Intel Atom processor, the Android-based smartglasses are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, Micro-USB port with OTG support, integrated GPS, head-tracking sensors, and 64 GB flash memory.

The device's camera is capable of 13 megapixel images and 1080p video, with features including auto-focus, optical image stabilization, and flash, while the eye-mounted display can output 24-bit colour and greater than 2,000 nits brightness with 20 degrees field of view, or the equivalent of a 5-inch mobile device held 14 inches in front of the viewer.

User input on the M300 is conducted via four Android function buttons and a touch pad mounted on the display side frame rail, as well as through voice navigation and a remote control app from paired iOS and Android devices.

The company also has an app store available for the device, with offerings available from mobile standards like Instagram, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and Skype as well as AR-focused apps like Wikitude.

Retailing for $1,499, the devices are available for purchase directly from Vuzix by customers in the US as well as in Europe.

a suite of accessories for the device, including hot-swappable on-frame batteries, higher capacity external batteries, left and right eye safety helmet mounts, Micro-USB power adapters, a safety glasses kit that supports prescription lenses, and a carrying case. The accessories range in price from $9.99 for charging cables or ear hooks to $99.99 for frames.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Milagrow Robotic Cleaner

The Milagrow Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with a variety of features that make your home safe and clean. The RedHawk will start cleaning the house at the pre-scheduled time, once it's done cleaning or is low (less than 15%) on battery power, it will return by itself to the docking station to recharge. The Redhawk follows the infrared signal emitted by the docking station and docks itself to the charger.

This robot automatically detects obstacles. When RedHawk knocks into something, its bumper retracts, activating mechanical object sensors that realize it has encountered an obstacle, it then performs the sequential actions of backing up, rotating and moving forward until it finds a clear path.

This Power Vac can also detect the edges of stairs and beds to avoid falling off. It uses a cliff sensor which constantly sends out infrared signals, if these infrared signals do not bounce back to the Power Vac, it instantly stops and chooses a different cleaning path.
This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can also kill germs, viruses and bacteria using its unique UV bulb. The UV bulb that is found underneath the RedHawk kills the micro-organisms by penetrating them and disrupting their genetic material. The Robotic 3 Way Cleaning process also ensures that pet hair & skin flakes are picked up, thereby making the ground safe for toddlers and children.
The Milagrow RedHawk has the ability to vary its cleaning intensity based on the amount of dirt, the Automatic Dirt Detection software lets the Power Vac know that it has to increase its suction power when it identifies high dirt areas. This detection ability follows the same mining-detection algorithms as used by many militaries worldwide.

The RedHawk employs 3 main spot cleaning modes to ensure exhaustive cleaning. The spot wall-to-wall cleaning that is suitable for hard dirt, makes sure that the entire room is cleaned in a methodical manner along the walls. In the spot spiral mode, the Power Vac cleans in concentric circles which is extremely suitable for cleaning tough spots thoroughly. In the Zig Zag mode, the robot cleans dirty spots with Auto Intelligent Optimal cleaning.

Another interesting functionality of this product is the Infrared Space Isolation. Invisible barriers can be set up using the virtual walls available with the Power Vac to mark off areas. The Virtual Wall sends out infrared signals that the robot picks up with the receiver on its bumper, it then turns around and heads the other way.

LG - LrV5900 Hom-Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

See how the smart, easy-to-use LG HomBot maps your home so it always knows where it is as it cleans your floors, reliably and quietly. The LG Hom-Bot handles a wide variety of cleaning tasks, because modern homes require cleaning versatility. A powerful main brush loosens and sweeps dirt and dust throughout the home, while side brushes clean corners and edges. Hom-Bot also features a microfiber mop for hard surfaces that mops up fine residues and stains. And at just 90mm tall, it's slim enough to fit under most furniture with ease. 

You control when you want Hom-Bot to clean, whether you're going to be home or not. Just set the schedule according to the hour, day, week and even month you want Hom-Bot to go to work, and Voice Alert announcements will let you know when the scheduled cleaning is complete. LG Hom-Bot's Li-Ion Polymer means great battery life and a long life cycle. Best of all, the Hom-Bot will automatically return to its dock when it needs recharging, and resume cleaning where it left off after the battery is charged. So you have even less to worry about. While Hom-Bot's cleaning technology makes people take notice, it still manages to clean quietly, thanks to smart design like insulation that's meant to absorb vibrations and reduce noise.

Monday, May 29, 2017

MateGo: 1080p WiFi Spy Camera With Great Video Quality!

This small camera packs a mighty technological punch, with full HD 1080p@ 30FPS video resolution and 120 Degree ultra wide angle lens, SONY IMX 179 sensor, Novatek NTK96658 chipsets.

Features of MateGo: 1080p WiFi Spy Camera
  • 1) Compare to other similar items, this one is smaller and portable .
  • 2) Multi-function support: Motion detection, gapless recording, cyclical recording , Wifi function. Not only can it be used indoor, also can be used outdoor as your selfie camera, drone camera or your pet camera.
  • 3) Remote access to the camera on smart phones, tablets. Quick Wi-Fi connection via iOS or Andriod APP. Remote distance up to 98 feet. With this mini camera, you can monitor your little baby via Smartphone in your house, you can take this mini camera with you to record anything that you want to.
  • 4) Four mounting methods. With magnetic kit, adhesive mount, clip, suction pad , you have four ways to mount the camera on a wall, paste on your refrigerator, your TV, even put it on your shirt.
Matego Hidden Camera 1080P Pocket Wireless WiFi Spy Camera with Several Kinds of Mounts and Compatible with iOS/Android Phone APP.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review: Should You Buy WiFi Flash Drive?

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options at a price of Rs 2,790, Rs 3,790, Rs 5,490, and Rs 9,490 respectively.

The device supports both iOS and Android operating systems and connects wirelessly through SanDisk Connect Drive app. 

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is your personal cloud storage, which also works like a normal USB flash drive. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Best Budget Smartwatch - Noise GT08 Review!

This particular one is Noise GT08 Smart Watch and this video will help you to make the decision to buy this or not! 

  • Operating System : Android 4.3
  • Dial Shape : Square
  • Strap Color : Black 
  • Water Resistant : No
  • Strap Material : Rubber

  • Display Size : 1.54 inch
  • Display Type : Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Display Resolution : 240*240 Pixel
Connectivity Features
  • Bluetooth : v3.0
  • Call Function : Available
  • Messaging Support : Available
  • Height : 39 mm
  • Width : 11 mm
  • Thickness : 11.8 mm

Saturday, November 26, 2016


This is the best of the x8 platform and the price is reasonable.

With altitude hold, it is so much easier to fly for beginners and experienced flyers. Altitude hold is great for taking your eyes off the quad while a distraction occurs, and this quad does just that. Same platform as all the other x8 series but with altitude hold.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SYMA X12 Nano Explorers 2.4GHz, 4Ch, 6 Axis Gyro, RC Quadcopter (RTF)

Description :

  • Brand Name : SYMA
  • Item NO. : SYMA X12
  • Color : Red, black, white, green
  • Frequency : 2.4G
  • Control Channel : 4CH
  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Charging Mode : USB
  • Charging Time : About 30 mins
  • Flaying Time : Around 5 mins
  • Control Distance : More than 20m indoor
  • Battery For Quadcopter : 3.7V 100mAh LI-PO(inside the quadcopter)
  • Battery for transmitter : 4 x AAA battery(not included)
  • Product Size : 7*7*2.7cm
  • Package Size :16.5*11.5*10.5cm
  • Weight : 280g (with package and transmitter)
  • Age Range : 14+
Features :
  • Four-axis structure is applied, which makes the quad copter more flexible and rapid when flying.
  • It has the characteristics of wind-resistant and can be flied indoor or outdoor.
  • Built-in 6 axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky.
  • Modular design structure is applied,more simple for assembly and convenient for maintenance.
  • With 360 degree 3D eversion function and throwing flight function.
Package Included :
  • 1 x SYMA X12 6 axis RC quadcopter
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 4 x Spare Blade
  • 1 x Manual

Syma x12 Review and Indoor Flight

Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Flight Review of Syma X12 Nano 6-axis Gyro Remote Control Quadcopter

Syma X12 Nano 6-Axis Gyro Remote Control Quadcopter Unboxing, Review, an...

Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Flight Review of Syma X12 Nano 6-axis Gyro Remote Control Quadcopter

Positive Points
  • Beg‌inner friendly Nano drone
  • Very durable and flies great crash after crash
  • High rates and low rates allow you to grow as you learn
  • Hovers better than my Cheerson CX-10, Cheerson CX-10A, or my Proto X
  • Longer battery life than other nano quads (6-8 minutes)
  • Yaw and throttle trim
  • Too small for FPV
  • The yaw is way slower than is ideal for this quad
  • The charge plug comes out easier than it should while charging
This is a great little RC Helicopter, just like the Cheerson Quads and the Estes Proto-X. The Syma X12 Quadcopter's durability makes it a great little RC Quad trainer in addition to everything else mentioned.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Syma X5C-1 Drone, Your Mother Could Fly This!

The upgraded Syma X5C-1 quadcopter is so stable that your mother could fly it! It's the perfect first quadcopter for beginners. It's also fun for advanced flyers.
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